Erectile Dysfunction and Cigarette Smoking

Did you know?  Smoking causes erectile dysfunction.

It’s no secret that there is a large pile of ugly damage that tobacco cigarette smoking does to the human body.  Most often, we’re talking about cancer, emphysema, COPD, tuberculosis, lung damage, heart damage, and all those areas of the body that are so adversely affected by the nasty cigarette habit.  All of those necessitate that you quit smoking today.

As if those maladies weren’t bad enough, there is another that infrequently gets the attention that it deserves.  It’s erectile dysfunction or ED.  The following definition comes from WEBMD’s erectile dysfunction page:

Erectile dysfunction or ED is the inability to achieve or sustain an erection suitable for sexual intercourse. Problems with erections may stem from medications, chronic illnesses, poor blood flow to the penis, drinking too much alcohol, or being too tired. Lifestyle changes, medications, and other treatments are often used to treat ED.

It’s become more apparent, through many studies, that the direct connection between cigarette smoking and erectile dysfunction is indisputable.  That alone should encourage those smokers who enjoy an active sex life to quit smoking today.    Truth is,   Continue reading

History & Info About ECigs, The Electronic Cigarette

Unless you’ve been living under a rock, you’ve probably already seen the popular electronic cigarettes (or e-cigs) out and about during your daily travels.  Of course, I should know that this makes perfect sense, otherwise I’m not sure how you would have otherwise landed here, right?

The electronic cigarette, a vapor cigarette, quite often looks just like a regular tobacco cigarette.   You’ll see them designed with the e-cigarette cartridges to look just like a standard tobacco cigarette filter.  The ecig batteries are white, just like the packed rolling paper portion of a standard tobacco cigarette.  The LED tip glows orange or red to mimic the look of a lit cigarettes burning ember. When the “vaper” takes a drag off of their electronic cigarette, the LED light in the tip glows, the vaper inhales and then exhales, creating a cloud of smoke.  But, you’re not exhaling smoke.  You’re exhaling a cloud of harmless water vapor, much the same as you would on a cold winter’s day as you breathe in and out.

In any event, as the eCig’s popularity has grown, so has the desire for users and manufacturers to capitalize on the user’s desire for individuality.  Now, if you take a look at our outstanding selection of electronic cigarette starter kits, you will find an almost limitless variety of colored LED tips, colorful skins, some incredible custom and fancy-design e-cig batteries, along with a wide range of flavors and nicotine strengths.  If you want something that’s truly “one of a kind” – you can probably make it happen.

Invented by a Chinese pharmacist by the name of Hon Lik in 2003, he wanted to develop a product that resembled smoking.  I imagine he wanted to create something that didn’t quite offer the damage and disease associated with regular tobacco cigarettes.  He worked for a company called Golden Dragon Holdings.  However, the name was subsequently changed to Ruyan (meaning to resemble smoking) as they realized the incredible potential and far-reaching appeal that such a smoking alternative would be to the world stage.

Electronic cigarettes consist of several essential components:

  • The cartridge (mouthpiece).  Your e-cig cartridge holds an absorbent material.  That dense, cotton-like material is saturated with a liquid nicotine solution and, if you’ve ordered so, flavoring.  You can order many different flavors and varying strengths of nicotine from none to strong.
  • The atomizer. The e-cigarette atomizer is the heating element.  The heating element vaporizes the nicotine solution so that the user can inhale it much the same way they have done with a regular tobacco cigarette.  Think of the electronic cigarette as a “miniature nebulizer” of sorts.
  • The lithium-ion rechargeable battery.  As with any electronic or mechanical device, you need power.  E-cigarette rechargeable batteries are used and complete the “cigarette appearance” of your e-cig.  With the speed of advancement in technology, electronic cigarette rechargeable batteries are lasting longer than ever, too.

Welcome to the new world of smoking where there’s none of the personal health concerns of tobacco cigarette smoking, no second-hand smoke concerns, and no fire hazards associated with their use.  The electronic cigarette.


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Luci electronic cigarette flavor options include: Continue reading

Quit Smoking: Impact on Anxiety Disorders

Anxiety DisordersIt’s not uncommon for those who suffer from depression, anxiety disorders, and other mental illnesses to smoke.  In fact, if you know people who suffer from such debilitating conditions like anxiety disorders, you probably notice that the smoke cigarettes a lot. Switching to electronic cigarettes (eCigs) and ultimately quitting smoking tobacco cigarettes altogether substantially reduces the toxic impact on the human body. E-Cigarettes are a viable alternative to those addicted to cigarettes and smoking.

There exists scientific research that suggests a direct link between such conditions and the cigarette smoking habit.  The toxins that traditional tobacco cigarettes contain may actually contribute to or exacerbate conditions such as anxiety disorders.  Electronic cigarettes do not have the types of toxins that tobacco cigarettes contain and that, in an of itself, is a great reason to switch to electronic cigarettes.

Consider this conclusion in a recent study about cigarette smoking among those suffering from anxiety disorders:

People with anxiety disorders are over-represented among smokers, are less likely to cease daily smoking and on average smoke for longer exposing them to greater risk of tobacco-related harm. The small proportion of adults with anxiety disorders who access services, and the small differences in smoking and smoking cessation rates between service users and non-users suggest that targeted population-based rather than service-based anti-smoking strategies are required to reach this vulnerable population group, who represent a significant proportion of Australia’s daily smokers.

It is true that quitting smoking altogether affords those people suffering from anxiety disorders a greater likelihood of Continue reading

Quit Smoking: Bronchitis & Upper Respiratory Infections

WebMD Bronchitis Diagram

Smoking traditional tobacco cigarettes leads to all sorts of poor health conditions.  If you quit smoking today, you are instantly a more healthy person.  A transition to electronic cigarettes is a viable alternative to help you quit smoking completely.  If you stop smoking, you can significantly reduce your susceptibility to acquiring bronchitis.

What is bronchitis? Bronchitis is a respiratory disease brought about by the irritation or inflammation of the lungs’ air passages and/or bronchial tubes. Your bronchial tubes are susceptible to infection anytime they are exposed to cigarette smoke or bacterial infections. Harmful, unhealthy foreign substances cause the mucus build-up in the lungs.  These mucus will block the bronchial tubes so that the efficient passage of air is inhibited, sometimes quite severely.  Coughing is the most obvious symptom associated with bronchitis or an upper respiratory infection.

Many folks are unaware that bronchitis can be fatal if left untreated.  Bronchitis can cause symptoms that are similar to that of normal cough and associated conditions.  Since normal breathing is not possible when you are suffering from bronchitis, your ability to engage in many normal daily activities is curtailed due to shortness of breath and chest pain.  Severe or chronic bronchitis lasts longer than 3 months.  It’s often apparent in conjunction with other severe lung conditions such as upper respiratory infections and more seriously – emphysema.

A few of the hundreds of poisonous substances in conventional tobacco cigarettes include: Continue reading

6-Months Later Part 2: Electronic Cigarette User Feedback

E-Cig VaporIn Part 1 of my electronic cigarette user feedback, I spoke about why I chose to switch and how helpful e-Cigs were in getting me off of tobacco cigarettes.  I close with my “pros and cons”, my suggested “dos and don’ts”, and other experiences:

  • I smoke less in electronic cigarettes than I ever did with regular cigarettes.  Why?  With a regular smoke, when you light it up, you finish it – because they’re so damned expensive! With an e-cigarette, I find more and more than I sometimes only want a single puff or two or three and then I set it down – something I would NEVER do with a regular cigarette.
  • I haven’t had a single person become offended or otherwise walk away when I pulled out my electronic cigarette.  In fact, it almost always became a topic of discussion.
  • My car doesn’t stink.
  • My risk of fire is eliminated as compared with a regular cigarette.
  • Because it leaves behind no order or second-hand smoke problems, I can smoke inside my home with no unpleasant after effects.  I don’t have to go outside and freeze to have a few puffs off of my e-Cig.
  • My breath doesn’t stink like cigarette death breath.
  • I have saved a lot of money.  After the initial investment, you can expect to pay approximately $2/each for a supply of e-Cig e-cartridges which are said to be “about the equivalent of a pack of cigarettes.”  That’s a far sight better than $7/pack for tobacco smokes.  If you buy the e-Cig e-liquid and do refills of your own cartridges, it’s even less expensive still.

My recommendations for the person considering buying an electronic cigarette starter kitContinue reading