Quit Smoking: Cigarettes Damage Your Skin

Smoker's WrinklesIsn’t that attractive?  Of course, wrinkles are inevitable.  However, if you want to accelerate the process to the point of having your face look like a relief map long before it would normally occur – well, don’t stop smoking today.  Smoking will help the onset of deep facial wrinkles and poor skin condition.

One of the myriad of excuses we hear about for why people started smoking so young (aside from intense peer pressure) is that someone wanted to “look older.”  Not only will cigarette smoking make you look older, it will make you die like you were old, too!  A switch to electronic cigarettes (e-Cigs) is a beneficial option on your path to quit smoking.  And with all of the attractive, stylish options available to you, you might actually “look cool” switching to this alternative to traditional cigarettes.

The truth is, all cigarette smoking makes you look like today – is dumb.  Really dumb.  There aren’t many people who remain unaware of the significant dangers of smoking tobacco cigarettes and yet they refuse to stop smoking for any number of really poor reasons.

Today’s health lesson is on another vital organ that cigarette smoking will damage.  That organ – is your skin. 

Smoking cigarettes damages your skin.  The effects on your skin from traditional cigarette smoking aren’t easy to hide.  I’m sure I’m not alone in being able to fairly accurately “spot” a cigarette smoker just by the adverse affects that it has on the skin.  The “smoker’s pout” from sucking down cigarette after cigarette.  The deeply defined wrinkles around the mouth and face.  The yellowing skin and nails on the hands.  All of these are telltale signs of the tobacco cigarette smoker.  The faces of cigarette smokers change colors and often look like they’re perpetually stuck in a frown.  The bottom line is that they simply look older than they are.  Sometimes – much older.  Cigarette smoking literally does more significant damage to your skin than anything else except excessive sun exposure.

“Smoker’s Face Syndrome” is a condition that was originally identified way back in 1965.  The skin turns grey.  The skin looks pale.  The skin has more wrinkles than it normally should for a person of almost any age.  These characteristics result from the impact cigarette smoking has on the blood vessels in your face.  Since smoking cigarettes narrows the blood vessels, your skin suffers reduced blood flow, and reduced blood flow saps the skin of necessary oxygen and other essential nutrients to keep it fresh and healthy.  Much like the issues that lead to Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease and the elasticity of air sacs, cigarette smoking damages the fibrous features (collagen and elastin) of the skin that help it to stay elastic.  The skins strength features fail and subsequently the skin begins to wrinkle and sag.

Wrinkles form for reasons that are now obvious to most of us and include:

  • Pursed lips to hold or suck on a cigarette causes the skin around the mouth and chin to wrinkle and sag.
  • Movement of the nose to inhale (or avoid inhaling) smoke through the nostrils cause it to wrinkle and even potentially become misshapen.
  • The squinting of your eyes to keep the smoke from burning or irritating your eyes accelerates wrinkling around them, too – and you find yourself with “crow’s feet” and forehead lines long before normal aging would offer them.

Exacerbating the problem is that cigarette smokers suffer from vitamin depletion.  Smoking cigarettes inhibits the body’s ability to process most nutrients to their fullest potential, and skin enriching vitamins A and C are no exception.  Vitamin A aids in skin repair.  Vitamin C is an antioxidant which also helps the body absorb iron.  As a result, smokers become iron deficient up to and including becoming anemic.

PsoriasisCan we make matters worse?  Sure we can.  Smoking is devastating to the body.  So, as smoking has dehydrating effects, your skin can become very dry.  Tobacco cigarette smokers as much as 70% greater likelihood to get psoriasis than non-smokers.  Psoriasis is a chronic and sometimes painful, itchy skin condition. The person with psoriasis has red raised patches that can be large and widespread or small and localized.

Last by not least is skin cancer.  Smoking more than triples the risk of developing skin cancers – primarily squamous cell carcinoma – because of the thinner skin from smoking.

All of these disastrous consequences and so many more we’ve written about (and will continue to write about) are excellent reasons to quit smoking today.  Transitioning to electronic cigarettes (e-Cigs) is one way to walk a healthier path to totally stop smoking.  Consider an electronic cigarette starter kit today and immediately reduce your intake of the wealth of poisons associated with smoking conventional tobacco cigarettes.